Careers: Career opportunities, not job opportunities

Innovative Way is a boutique consultancy specializing in delivering unique and innovative business process solutions to our clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We have a unique work environment that combines the freedom, the passion, and the entrepreneurial spirit of a small company with the financial stability and benefits of a large corporation.

If you enjoy a fast-pace, leading-edge environment, and a fan of 37 signals, Joel Spolsky or Eric Sink, then you will excel in our company.

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Why we are different

Are you tired of not being recognized for your contributions to your company? Tired of management who do not support or trust you, but micromanage you instead? Tired of answering to PHB's who do not keep their promises?

We have been there, and we know how you feel. That is why we are different.

Unlike some other companies, we do not treat our employees like a dime-a-dozen or expendable bodies waiting to be outsourced or offshored to the lowest bidder.

As our employee, you will be valued, and you will be treated with respect. Your voice will be heard. In fact, we encourage you to participate in our decision-making process to help shape our business.

We are committed to helping you grow professionally and personally, and we show our commitment through our benefits package and reading lists.

We offer you a career, not just a job.

Currently Seeking

We are not currently looking to fill any positions. Read more about a career with us.

Treating Our Employees With Respect

Our employees are our competitive advantage. See how we treat our employees.

See What Books We're Reading

We have an organic reading list, put together by our employees, that we feel are critical to career development. See what books are on our reading list.

Comparing the Cost of Living

Your salary could be worth more or less, depending on where you live. See how the cost of living in Dallas compares with 4 other major cities.

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